Thursday, March 6, 2008

We're Home.......

We arrived home last night but we were all so tired from two days of traveling I just didn't have the energy to blog. The trip home was well - quite an experience.

Kids did pretty well on the airplanes except for C freaking out on our first flight to PAP because she didn't want a seat belt on. Neither kid like being strapped in & they have never had to sit for so long. They both cried a couple of times but nothing major.

The really fun part started in Montreal & they were so amazed at everything. There is so much that we take for granted that blew these kids minds. Such as mirrors, elevators, escalators, moving sidewalks, water fountains & cars everywhere.

One really funny story was when we were trying to get through Canadian Immigration, the Cdn Embassy in Haiti did not completely fill out some of the permanent resident forms & they also had D list as a female instead of a male. So needless to say it was taking forever while they tried to figure out how to fix these mistakes. So A decided to go to the washroom & took the kids along with her. I could hear the kids screaming & went & knocked on the bathroom door to find out what was going on & the kids freaked out because the toilet automatically flushed & they ran to escaped that; right under the hand dryer which turned on so they were crying & screaming & then the sink faucet turned on automatically. A was trying to call them to comfort them but they were scared to go to her because of the scarey toilet. :) It was a comedy of errors for sure.

Then we went to catch our shuttle to the hotel & it was storming & cold - the wind was brutal & we had no warm jackets for the kids or us either. The warmest jackets we had were little hoodies. We had the kids wrapped in blankets but they were freezing. We had taken sweat pants for each of the kids for the flights to help keep them warm but C refused & fought us when we tried to put them on her - she wanted to wear her shorts. I even asked a lady to translate that it was very cold in Montreal but she is stubborn. Once we got to the doors though whe changed her mind & let us put them on her. Poor kids it was cold. They had 5' piles of snow all along the roads from the plowing. The next day when we were leaving it had snowed & then was raining too. Brrrr. The kids were excited to see snow so we ran out the hotel doors, stuck our finger in the snow & turned around & went back inside. C wanted to make a snowman :)

The kids were terrified of our two little dogs last night & were hysterical as the dogs were excited to see me & jumping up at me & I was holding C. C was much more afraid than D but he screamed too just because she did I think. Today they were still afraid but getting much better. At the end of the day D was sitting on my knee & Zora came & laid on D's & my knee & he petted her. I saw him a couple of times pet Taya on his own too. Taya barks when she is playing so that really scares the kids. C did finally pet both dogs & she loves throwing the frisbee for Taya but would jump back every time Taya brought her back the frisbee. I am positive they will both be fine in a couple of days as there was such a dramatic improvement in one day. The dogs follow me everywhere & so do the kids so they will have to learn to tolerate each other quickly.

The kids think our talking bird is a blast & laugh & laugh & mimic her. They can understand what she is saying. We had to laugh tonight as we have some newspaper on the floor in front of the cage where the birds frequently poop off the side. D walked over by the paper & C yelled out No D - White Chicken Toilet. hahahahaha. She calls our cockatoo a white chicken all the time, it is so funny.

A & B (big brother) spents most of the day with the kids as I had to run out & get groceries & then had a doctors appointment this afternoon that was booked months ago so couldn't miss. Then I had to run to the store for some diapers, training underwear, pull ups, a potty seat - do you see a theme here. D is using the potty constantly in the daytime excluding nap times & night time but he has not pooped on the potty yet. We don't have to do anything if he has to go he says "me pee pee" or if C has to go he will follow & go too. He pees the minute he sits down so he knows exactly what he needs to do. I am so happy he wants to be trained - diapers are so gross. If you ask the kids what does Mommy says when D has a stinky diaper they say "Yucky - Stinky & then stick their tongues out & make a gacking sound". Hahaha - that is what I say but it looks funny when the kids do it.

The kids are smart & learning news words all the time. It is amazing how quickly they learn. My house is very noisy as I have a crew working in my basement pounding around down there, two little kids that don't seem to have control of their volume buttons yet & a dog that barks because she is so excited to have more people to play frisbee with her.

So far we are having a blast & I will try to get some photos up tomorrow. I haven't had time to go through any of them yet. It is so much fun to experience all the new firsts with them & watch them learn.

That's it for me tonight.

Hugs, Laurie


ManyBlessings said...

Welcome home Laurie and crew!!! Sounds like quite the excitement at your house. :) Can't wait to see those kiddos again in pictures!!

Jen said...

Glad you all made it home and the kids are getting used to all that is new!

Sue said...

Awwww how wonderful.
Welcome home C & D!!!



Angela said...

Welcome home!! :)

Hey, I closed off my blog to invited readers only. Email me at angelaishmael. It's a yahoo address. I have to have an email to invite. Thanks!

Can't wait to follow your story with the kids home. How fun!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

Salzwedel Family said...

Welcome home! I'm so glad you had a good & safe trip. Can't wait to see more photos & hear how things are going with your beautiful new kiddo's.