Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Missing Bag Finally Located??

So I have been contacting Lynx Air almost daily for the last couple of weeks trying to find out where our missing back pack is, as it still has not shown up in Haiti. Finally yesterday Lynx admitted that the bag could not be found & it was company policy to reimburse customers $9.07 per pound to compensate for missing bags. I was p.o'ed to say the least. That would have been only $399.08 as they weighed the bag at 44lbs. I told them that was unacceptable as the back pack itself cost almost that much & I had a whole bag full of donations for an orphanage. So I started listing the items that were in the lost back pack

Back Pack = $300.00
20 pairs of Robeez shoes x $30 per pair (a donation I received) = $600.00
26 Nurses scrub uniform shirts x $18 = $360.00
50 tooth brushes x $2.00 = $100.00
18 tubes of tooth paste x $2.50 = $45.00
2 kids back packs full of stuff x $40.00 = $80.00
Diapers = $25.00
Pull ups = $25.00
Food / Snacks = $25.00
Gift from another Mom for her childs birth mother (value ? $40.00)

TOTAL = $1,800

Once the lady from Lynx heard my list she said just a minute & put me on hold until I went to voice mail (which of course no one has yet returned my phone call since March 25). Grrrrrrr I am not impressed to say the least.

So I got up this morning ready to call Lynx Air again after I fed the kids breakfast. The phone rang while we were eating & it was Air Canada in Montreal & they have our bag! Now how in the world did Air Canada get my bag when we checked it in ourselves at Lynx Air in Miami on February 29? So 3 1/2 weeks after the missing bag was lost it is back in Montreal & will be sent back to us tomorrow. Bummer Nadine & Brett are leaving for Haiti to pick up their son tomorrow so it will be too late to send the stuff with them. Now I will have to pay for shipping to send this stuff to Haiti but I am so happy that these items were not lost or stolen. I guess I should be careful about saying that until it is back in my hot little hands. What a pain in the butt & I found Lynx to be very unresponsive to my concerns & they refused to return my calls. How in the heck do you lose a bag when the plane only holds 16 people & their bags? Plus how did the missing bag end up at another airline? I'll let you know if all the contents are still in the bag when I do get it. Air Canada in Montreal did not say that the back pack was full so I am just hoping all the stuff is still in the back pack & I will be able to send it off to the orphanage & then all will be well.

Nadine have an awesome trip to Haiti & I look forward to hearing you have your son home for good! Safe travels - I hope all your bags make it & hoping you all remain healthy. Give your little guy a hug for me too. Talk to you soon.

Hugs, Laurie

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