Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to D,

Today was my baby boys 3rd birthday. I was very excited that he was home to celebrate with us this year. If you can believe it my camera was totally not functional & A forgot hers in her girl friends car. Can you believe it, his first birthday at home & we have no photos to show all of you. I am so disappointed & will have to go out & buy another camera so we may stage a mock birthday for the photos again real soon. ;) He had a great day & his grin from ear to ear as we brought out the ice cream cake & sang to him was just so precious.

Yesterday we took the little kids to the zoo & spent the day there enjoying the weather & seeing their excitement over all the animals. I have not been to the zoo for probably 15 years & last time I was there I wasn't overly impressed. I have to say the zoo has been renovated beautifully & we had a great time there. We loved it there & will go back to see all the areas we missed yesterday real soon. They both had their first ice cream cone there too yesterday & even ate it without wearing it everywhere, so it was a successful outing.

Last week we did have a follow up appointment at the Infectious Disease Clinic & found out the kids are all parasite free & there is no medical concerns. Still treating the Ring Worm issue with both kids. One thing we did find out though was that C also has Sickle Cell Trait just like D. I was quite shocked to find that out as she had been tested in Haiti & they said she was fine. The good news is neither child has Sickle Cell Anemia they both just have the trait; but it is important for in the future when they want to have children of their own. If their future partner also has Sickle Cell Trait they will have a 1 in 4 chance of having a child with Sickle Cell Anemia.

The dentist appointments last week turned out ok, without tears. C let them clean her teeth & even let the dentist take a look & count them. D would only tolerate them cleaning a couple of teeth before he started fussing a bit, but did let the dentist take a look. Neither child had x-rays done but the dentist said it didn't look like they had any cavaties so I am happy about that. It doesn't explain C's bad breath but I will just start flossing her teeth & brushing for longer periods. he spoke to me about C's protruding front teeth from sucking her thumb & he said not to worry it would not effect her adult teeth unless she is still thumb sucking at 8 or 9 years. Oh I hope that is so true & it won't ruin her adult teeth.

We have no appointments this week, so it is time to catch up around here & play a little. We emptied out our storage unit & brought home everything from it since our basement is now complete. I still need to purchase some shelving units for the storage room so we have somewhere to stack our "stuff", maybe that will get done tomorrow. Our living room, hallway, basement areas are full of stuff so I need to start going through boxes & reassess what needs to be kept & what can go & find a permanent home for all the stuff we are keeping. I can't wait until it is ALL DONE & we can move around our house again without dodging boxes.

We are having a good week so far (knock on wood) so I am not stressed or being a total bag. That could change at a moments notice though, so we will enjoy it while it lasts.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Aren't they cute?
Kids eager to go for a bike ride with A.

I am seriously lacking some photos of my oldest daughter in here; as she was behind the camera. I will try to get some photos of her tomorrow.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

My 20 year old & second born - yikes I can't believe I can be a Mom to someone that old.
Birthday spoiling - had a great girls outing with Jackie & went out for a manicure & pedicure. Thanks David we both felt like princesses as we left there.
My beautiful flowers. I really do have GREAT kids.
Me fooling around with A's camera to see if I could figure it out. More proof I am getting old wearing my glasses; so I see what I'm doing.
Yikes is my hair always this red?

He didn't want to cooperate with the photo shoot, slippery kid..........

Getting Old............

My kids surprised me with this chocolate mousse cake - YUMMY! While I had D at his doctors appointment - yes he will have surgery in August to repair his umbilical hernia, all the other kids had gone & purchased a cake & a big bouquet of flowers. The big kids told C not to tell Mommy they had a cake it was going to be a surprise. The minute I walked in the door C excitedly tells me "Mommy we have a b-day cake for you". A few minutes later she comes & whispers in my ear "Mommy we have a b-day cake". I said "Is it Chocolate?" To which she responded "No it's a secret". :) Gotta Love It.

A towing the littles behind her bike. They LOVE this bike trailer, Thanks Cathrine!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Just Another Manic Sunday

UGGGGGGG - It is still raining here & I am at the end of my rope. Man if I wanted to live somewhere rainy I would pack up & move to Vancouver. Where is the hot dry summer they were forecasting? I am way behind the eight ball this year & haven't planted any flowers or anything. Now with the constant rain for the past three weeks everything is so muddy it will be awhile before I am able to do any planting even when it does finally stop. I find this weather incredibly depressing & look forward to lounging in the sun & having bbq's hopefully at some point in the near future.

Last week on June 5 my oldest son turned 20 years old. My camera is still on the fritz so I have no photographic evidence of this momentous occasion. We went out for Vietnamese food to celebrate; which was a treat as we have both been dieting for the last couple of weeks. This week is my 46th birthday (Yikes) & next week is D's 3rd birthday so our house is full of Gemini's.

A good friend of mine was hurt very badly in a quad accident out in the middle of nowhere last Sunday & spent five days on the trauma unit. He busted five ribs on each side, some in multiple places, puntured one lung, collapsed both lungs, hurt his shoulder & is extremely lucky to be alive. Please send your thoughts & prayers to David as he begins the road to recovery. Glad you made it Dave, I don't know what I would do without you!

Kids went in on Thursday & got caught up on all their vaccinations. C had to get six needles & D needed five. C got really upset once the needles came out & really yelled & cried as we went through them. D cried as well but was not as upset as C. We did C first & then she went out to sit with big sis while I took D in for his needles. When I came out after that, C was lying limp in A's arms unwilling to talk or respond at all. It scared me & as I was talking to her the nurse came out & I alerted her to C's condition. She went & got the kids an apple juice & then C came back around very quickly. Not sure what that was about but it scared me. I do have to take them back in one month & have the MMR & Hep B boosters but then they will be done.

This is a busy week for appointments for us. Monday we need to go to the Adoption Clinic as well & get more Ring Worm meds for both kidlets. Thursday D is going to the Children's to be seen by a surgeon for his umbilical hernia. Friday will be check up & cleaning at the dentist. I am not too concerned about Monday & Thursday's appointments but I am concerned for the dentist appointment. C screams really loud when she is scared or upset so I am a little leary about how she will react. I have taken them in for a happy visit to the dentist office & even riding in the chair during that brief tour of the office she was whining.

Spoke to my folks yesterday & my Mom is in a lot of pain right now & doctors are still trying to figure out what is going on with her. She is having lots of pain when she moves (no pain while seated) & is now having to use two canes to get around. Mom does have bone cancer but has been in remission for some time; but she still does morphine for pain control every four hours; so if this is hurting her that badly even while on her meds I do find it worrisome. She is going in for bone scans etc this week so please keep her in your thoughts & prayers as well. She has had an ultra sound, MRI & x-rays already & they are still waiting on results. Mom was moving quite well when the kids & I were visiting a couple of weeks ago so this is a recent development.

Tonight A & B will be going to their Dad's to have B's birthday dinner with them. So the little kids & I will be all alone tonight.

A is doing her lifeguard training this weekend at a lake right by our house as she is working there full-time for the summer. Yesterday they did not have to go in the lake as it was raining so hard but they practiced search patterns & drills of what to do when a child goes missing. Today they were having to go in the water (unheated; it will be cold- outdoor man-made lake) & the air temperature is only 12 degrees C - brr she will be freezing. I did pick her up a wet suit but it is not full length so she will be a popsicle. Oh by the way Mom - A no longer has dreads in her hair. :) She & Paul spent about 18 hours getting them all out. I can't believe they got them out - I thought for sure she would have to cut it all off . She went & got her hair cut after & I like it so much better. Her hair is poker straight like mine & it just wasn't locking right; always looked messy & had hairs sticking up all over (breakage or new growth). She liked it in dreads but parts were falling out & she couldn't fix them so they had to go. She gave it a good effort but it didn't work so well. I will post before & after shots off her camera soon.

I had to go in for this little procedure a couple of weeks ago. I was getting irregular pap tests so had to start going to the hospital to keep an eye on things every few months. The second time there the cells had progressed to a stage that required a procedure called a Cervical L.E.E.P (loop electrosurgical excision procedure). My girlfriend took a day off work to take me in to have this done. I didn't feel nervous about it at the time but once I got to the hospital & they took me back in the room & explained what was going to happen & sign my life away I started to feel a little apprehensive. I went back out to the waiting room & was telling Diane what was going to happen when all of a sudden I had severe pain all along the bottom of my ribs & chest area, couldn't breathe well, got hot & clammy & felt faint. Diane got me wet towels & I finally managed to get myself under control doing breathing exercises like I was about to give birth. My name was called so I went into the room & told the doctor & nurse that I thought maybe I had just had an anxiety attack? I have never had that happen before. So they checked my blood pressure & pulse & said I was ok & did I want to reschedule? I said no I am here now lets do this. So once they started I had another attack & the nurse said I went pale & she kept cold towels on me & monitored my pulse. Again that feeling left after about five minutes. All the way home I kept having these attacks coming in waves & then waning. They were getting more painful all the time & finally Diane said I am taking you to the hospital - one closer to home, but before we got there the chest pain had stopped again, so I told her I just wanted to go home. Got in the house, put a magic bag on my chest, had a cup of hot tea & cuddled with my baby & I calmed right down & never had another episode. So is that what an anxiety attack is like? Wow it was painful & scary it felt like a heart attack for a little while. Anyway that was a couple of weeks ago & it has not happened again since.

Little ones are napping so I better sign off for now & go get something accomplished while I still have a chance.

Hugs, Laur