Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Birthday to D,

Today was my baby boys 3rd birthday. I was very excited that he was home to celebrate with us this year. If you can believe it my camera was totally not functional & A forgot hers in her girl friends car. Can you believe it, his first birthday at home & we have no photos to show all of you. I am so disappointed & will have to go out & buy another camera so we may stage a mock birthday for the photos again real soon. ;) He had a great day & his grin from ear to ear as we brought out the ice cream cake & sang to him was just so precious.

Yesterday we took the little kids to the zoo & spent the day there enjoying the weather & seeing their excitement over all the animals. I have not been to the zoo for probably 15 years & last time I was there I wasn't overly impressed. I have to say the zoo has been renovated beautifully & we had a great time there. We loved it there & will go back to see all the areas we missed yesterday real soon. They both had their first ice cream cone there too yesterday & even ate it without wearing it everywhere, so it was a successful outing.

Last week we did have a follow up appointment at the Infectious Disease Clinic & found out the kids are all parasite free & there is no medical concerns. Still treating the Ring Worm issue with both kids. One thing we did find out though was that C also has Sickle Cell Trait just like D. I was quite shocked to find that out as she had been tested in Haiti & they said she was fine. The good news is neither child has Sickle Cell Anemia they both just have the trait; but it is important for in the future when they want to have children of their own. If their future partner also has Sickle Cell Trait they will have a 1 in 4 chance of having a child with Sickle Cell Anemia.

The dentist appointments last week turned out ok, without tears. C let them clean her teeth & even let the dentist take a look & count them. D would only tolerate them cleaning a couple of teeth before he started fussing a bit, but did let the dentist take a look. Neither child had x-rays done but the dentist said it didn't look like they had any cavaties so I am happy about that. It doesn't explain C's bad breath but I will just start flossing her teeth & brushing for longer periods. he spoke to me about C's protruding front teeth from sucking her thumb & he said not to worry it would not effect her adult teeth unless she is still thumb sucking at 8 or 9 years. Oh I hope that is so true & it won't ruin her adult teeth.

We have no appointments this week, so it is time to catch up around here & play a little. We emptied out our storage unit & brought home everything from it since our basement is now complete. I still need to purchase some shelving units for the storage room so we have somewhere to stack our "stuff", maybe that will get done tomorrow. Our living room, hallway, basement areas are full of stuff so I need to start going through boxes & reassess what needs to be kept & what can go & find a permanent home for all the stuff we are keeping. I can't wait until it is ALL DONE & we can move around our house again without dodging boxes.

We are having a good week so far (knock on wood) so I am not stressed or being a total bag. That could change at a moments notice though, so we will enjoy it while it lasts.


Salzwedel Family said...

Happy Birthday D! I can't wait to see the pictures from your "mock birthday".

We were at the zoo yesterday & had a great time. Blessings...

ManyBlessings said...

Happy Birthday D!!!!!