Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sick of being sick.............

So this is getting a little old & I know no one wants to hear me snivel & whine but this is getting ridiculous. We have been circulating these germs around our house since mid September. My little germ factories love to cough & sneeze on our food, wipe their snotty noses on the face clothes & towels, I even caught one using my tooth brush - UGGGGG & I just don't see an end to the madness.

I wish I had bought shares in disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, Cold FX & Kleenex. I have been faithfully popping 2 - 4 Cold FX daily, 4000 IU Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Multivitamin & we are still sick.

Brandon & I had a killer flu that knocked us both on our behinds; I missed a whole week of work & the side effects of that lingered for a couple of more weeks. Was it the dreaded H1N1 - who knows? I was too sick to go to the doctors until about 5 days had passed, then I went to Urgent Care & waited there for three hours & when no one had seen me yet I packed up, went home & crawled back into bed where I should have been to begin with.

Last weekend we actually had three whole DAYS where none of us were sick, no one had snot running down their face or were hacking up a lung. It was marvelous & I was so happy finally the old immune system was doing it job. We even spent some time with friends & saw a movie - it was great to do something normal for a change.

It was a short lived reprieve & we all have sore throats, coughing, & runny noses all over again.

I hope to get back to blogging when I actually have something to write about if we ever get out of the house again.

I guess the good news in all of this is we are definitely catching up on our sleep. My life sucks sometimes.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Snow Day - brrrrr................

It looks pretty, but it is too early for snow. Brrrr.............

Kids all geared up in their winter gear; eager to go outside & play in the snow. Good thing I dug out all their winter outer wear this weekend.

Kids making snow angels.
Good investment: snow shovels for kids - they are so eager to go out & try them out. They don't do a very good job but they sure do have fun with it.
Christolla laughing after throwing a shovel full of snow in Dieunelson's face.

Thanksgiving 2009

We have lots to be thankful this year, good food, health, a house, a car, a job I really like, good friends, excellent extended family that we reconnected with; on both sides of the family this year and four great kids I am really proud of. They are all turning out to be such beautiful people.

A little untraditional, but Ashley is Vegan so our menu has to be adjusted. We had whole wheat spaghetti & tomato sauce, homemade Guacomole & red pepper hummus, a bagette, cheese for those of us that indulge & of course our usual meal menu item - raw veggies.

Ashley reading to Nelson at bedtime.
Ashley reading to both Christolla & Dieunelson.
Ashley's good buddy, Paul, who came & spent the day with us.
Do those look like kissable lips to you?

My oldest daughter, Ash.
My youngest daughter, Christolla. Yes I know her pants are a little short, she has sprouted up like crazy over the summer. After nap time I need to dig through all their clothes & remove all the too small stuff AGAIN.
Two hammers, one night stand & approx two hours entertainment over two days while the kids beat it apart & then disposed of the carnage. I loved that old night stand & it served me well even in its desmise.
My oldest son, Brandon.
Brandon trying to get the pump out of the pond. I can usually leave it running & don't usually drain it until the end of October. This year it is already frozen in. It's going to be a long winter - Yuck.
Frozen pond, the pump created a frozen bubble over it - very cool.
The temps today was - 10 C or 14 F. Way to cold this early in the year - fall has not been long enough, most of the trees in my area still have all their leaves, lots haven't even turned color yet.
We missed a whole season. :(

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today's photos

Nelson at bed time wearing one of Christollas sleep hats.
Christolla's new doo tonight at bed.

Nelson being silly at bed tonight.
Side view of her new hair style.

September in Photos

I am so far behind in my blog posts I will just post some photos of the last month to catch up.

Christolla & Nelson at the beach.
James & Nelson.
Christolla in motion.
James & Nelson.
Sandra & all the kids.
James shivering in the water.
Kids chasing bubbles.
Goofy guy.
Side view of hair style.
Veil StyleChristolla starting to read - very early stages but it's coming.

They love books.

Sweet girl.
He loves these blocks.

Family Reunion - September 2009

Aunty Peggy
Uncle Galen, Cousin Beverly & her daughter Patty.

Barbara & (his name is failing me at the moment).

Uncle Louis & cousin Charlie

Stella & cousin Ken.

Tara & baby.
Cousin Doug & Jeannie.
My daughter Ashley (showing results of latest climbing accident) & Aunty Edna.

Aunty Norma, Uncle Galen & cousin Ken.

Uncle Louie.
The whole Motley crew. :)

Aunty Edna, Cousin Alan & family.

Barry & Barbara.