Friday, December 12, 2008

Computer Issues

Sorry for the lack of blogging - it isn't that I have nothing to say, I am having major computer issues at home. One is down for the count & it holds all my favorite blogs so I am unable to follow along.

We have all been sick for what feels like forever now. One cold / flu bug circulating constantly. It has been a real drag.

We are not even close to being ready for Christmas. I haven't bought one present yet, & don't intend to even start until about December 19 when I am off work. That will leave plenty of time :) I don't buy a lot for Christmas anyway so we should be able to complete it easily.

My Sis is flying in on Dec 18 & staying two weeks with us. We are all so excited!! She has not met the little kids yet so it will be lots of fun.

Christolla & Nelson are so excited about Christmas. We set up our tree last weekend but I felt too ill to decorate so it is sitting there bare with only the lights on it. Kids are thrilled - but they don't know that there is more to come at some point. Santa came to visit their pre-school this week so they were both vibrating about that.

The last two days it has been on the plus side of the thermometer (just maybe +3 or so) but we are about to be plunged into the deep freeze. BRRRRRRRRR Listen to this:

Currently today it is -3 celcius but by rush hour tonight Environment Canada has issued a Winter Weather Warning & the temp will drop to -23 & expect 10 – 15 cm of snow with wind 40 – 60 km per hour - bbbbbrrrrrrrr

Saturday – 23 c w/ wind chill expect -35 thru -40
Sunday -27 c
Monday -24 c
Tuesday – 7 c

Sounds freaking bone chilling!!!! Winds will be super strong & make this one nasty storm, for the whole weekend of course. The little kids have never experienced this kind of cold before. Oh well we will just cozy up at home & wait this one out.

Stay warm everyone.

Hugs, Laur