Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Urgent Prayers Needed

Copied from another ladies blog (Sarah http://ourhaitianjourney.blogspot.com/) - with only adding my kids names instead of hers.

Six children from Christolla & Dieunelsons orphanage have been taken by UNICEF. The escorts and adoptive parents who were with them were accused of child trafficking. Please visit this blog and read the past few posts so you understand what is going on: http://www.childrenofthepromise.blogspot.com

None of the adults involved are being held or charged with any crimes. These children had all the paperwork that they needed in order to be able to leave to come to the USA to be with the adoptive parents. They even had approval from the PM of Haiti as they are required to have in order to leave. This entire situation is absurd and alarming... the children are without basic needs being met and at the very least they should allow the children to return to the orphanage that has water, food, baby bottles, medication etc. One of the babies is now sick. They need your prayers.CNN will be covering the story at 10pm EST. Please tune in and keep praying!!This could have been my kids... and this is his friends... we are just heartbroken for these children who have already lived through so much in their short lives!!