Sunday, August 30, 2009

First Day of Kindergarten

Chrissy eager to go to the "Big Kids School".

The new teacher & a classmate with Christolla
Us girls.....
Corey, Angeline & Christolla (neighborhood friends & now classmates)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Final Good-Bye

In Loving Memory of Eleanor Watson
August 9, 1924 - August 17, 2009

Life is busy................

Our family is spread all over Western Canada & as a result it seems the only time we all gather; sadly, is for funerals. As sad as it was to say our final good-byes to my Auntie Eleanor it was wonderful to connect to cousins, Aunts, Uncles & extended family I haven't seen in many years.

I missed taking photos of many so this is just a few that I managed to get.

Family shot - again missing many.

Breanne (oh I hope I spelled that right) , Linda & Bill
Mr. Nelson
Buella (sp?) & Albert
Larken & Christolla - just after Larken pulled Christolla's wiggly tooth & became her hero for ever more.
Larken, Cathrine, Leone & Wendell

Me - the kids cheesy grins are wearing off on me......
Auntie B teaching Christolla to knit.
Byron & Jill
Wendell & Chrissy
Larken. We logged a lot of time around this dining table.

Jill Breanne Baby Liam
Kids going for a quad ride with Larken - he even let them steer!
Nicole, Leone & Colleen
Baby Liam with his proud Grammy
Cathrine & Uncle Clarence
Kids having a blast in a big tub with lots of bubbles

Driving the lawn tractor too!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Christolla's 6th Birthday - July 27, 2009

Feeling like a princess with her tiara & long hair.

Kids dancing together - an action shot.

Nelson serving me a piece of birthday cake he made for me out of toys.

Christolla & Zora

I wish he acted as angelic as he looks in this photo - oooh looks are deceiving. :)

I hope they always like each other.

Having fun dancing & swinging her hair.

Monster boy.
Brandon & the littles.

Sweet little birthday girl - absolute joy over a cupcake, I LOVE that.

I can't believe how big she is getting. What a change from last year.

Catch Up Posts

Roxanne an old high school friend popped in to visit - I hadn't seen her in years & it was wonderful to get together again.

Roxannes Family - Jessica, Roxanne, Rebecca & Trevor (missing 1 daughter)
Me & the littles. I am in the process of putting hair extensions in Christollas hair so part is not finished.

Future musicians.

Photo Catch Up...... continued

Christolla anxiously watching the lady prepare to pierce her ears.

She shed a few big tears but LOVES her new earrings. This was an early 6th birthday present.

Nelson cooking supper for the first time.

Christolla's first attempt at cooking over the hot coals.

Ashley, Nelson, Christolla returning to shore after a paddle around the lake.