Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dieunelson's 4th Birthday

We went out for Mexican food. Ashley with the littles.

Back home for birthday cake. Momma (as he calls me) & baby.

My two boys, Brandon & Nelson.

Ashley & Nelson, they both have such beautiful smiles.
Sweet little Christolla.

All the June birthdays are done now. We have one birthday per week for three consecutive weeks. We now have a month before the next party for Christolla.

Last Day of Pre-School & More Camping Photos

Christolla's last day of pre-school with her teachers.

Dieunelson's sad it's his last day of pre-school, with his teachers
Riding a tire horse at the campsite.
Nelson LOVES trains & they had this little one that took kids on a little ride.

A BIG sand alligator on the beach. We just admired it & had no hand in its creation.


Camping on my Birthday.

Sandra & Christolla
Kids playing in the pool we set up in the campsite.

Sandra & James - a little muddy from the pool.

James catching a big bubble.

Things have been crazy busy here. Work is super busy so I go all day at work, evenings well they just fly by as well. The weather here has sucked as it seems that at about quiting time every evening is exactly when the rain starts. We have had some pretty impressive lightening & thunder storms.

Ashley is doing just fine after her fall & the compression fracture in her spine. She is pretty much back to normal. She is long boarding, back at work (she so surprised me that she is able to work so soon) & started training again for a triathalon she wants to do in the fall. Ahh to be young, healthy & super fit to aid your recovery.

I had my birthday out camping at a super family orientated campground with a wonderful beach & a nice shallow lake for young kids to wade & swim in. We went out with a friend & her little guy & had a great long weekend out of the city & relaxing.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She's Hurting.........

My daughter Ashley LOVES, lives & breathes rock climbing. She went to Squamish, BC to go rock climbing for a week or so before her summer job starts up. Saturday night my worst nightmare became a reality.

Ashley fell about seven feet, landed on a root & broke her lumbar spine. She is out of hospital & staying at my sisters house in Vancouver now. She is in lots of pain & is moving pretty slowly but luckily she is at least moving, as she could have ended up paralized.

Ash went to Squamish on the bus & was to return the same way but she is not able to sit that long so she will fly home tomorrow night. Cher arranged to have a wheel chair to get her on & off the plane. Of course she can not lift her own bags or anything so we will take care of that for her.

I think her plans to lifeguard at a beach here in town is out the window for now. She could use all your prayers, postive vibes or healing energy each of you could muster. Thanks

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Brandon's 21st Birthday

Wow.......... I can't believe he is 21 years old already!
Meghan, Brandon & his Dad Randy.
Brandon with his other little sister Meghan.
Hmmmm............ I didn't get any photos of us with him. Not sure how that happened. :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

First Day on Two Wheels

Getting geared up to try riding without training wheels.
She was very excited to try & learned really quickly.

She's off.
Concentrating hard on staying up. She never fell at all. Once she started she just took off like she had been riding forever.
It was all I could do to keep up with her & after awhile I gave up & just stood & took photos as she went by. :)

He's Off, Look Ma No Training Wheels

Training wheels off today & Nelson had no sense of balance at all - Brandon holding him up.

He spent a lot of time on the pavement & hamming it up.

The knee pads saved this boy from injury today.
Good Catch ! My back is killing me, I had a real work out between the two kids.

...........and he's off & there's no stopping him now. It didn't take that long & after supper tonight I took the kids out again & they are both riding & gaining confidence. Nelson still has trouble starting on his own but other than that he is off to the races.

Monday, June 1, 2009

First Attempt at Yarn Braid Extensions

Christolla loves her hair!

It was a long slow ordeal but the results were worth the effort. Christolla is so happy with her hair & couldn't wait to go to school today to show her friends. It took around ten hours over two days so it's time intensive but I had never braided under hand before nor tried to put in extensions or beads, so I was a super rookie. I watched a couple of videos on You Tube that showed how to do them & thought I can do this & I did. Yeahhhh. Christolla is amazingly patient & she just sat without complaining the whole time.
The last few braids are definetely tighter & look better than the first few attempts so next time I do her hair hopefully it looks better & goes a little quicker.
As soon as we finished her hair Christolla said "Mommy lets go outside & let the wind blow my hair."
I may have to cut the front braids a little shorter to prevent her from sucking on them but other than that we are happy with the results. Isn't she a cutie?