Saturday, October 6, 2007

Welcome to my life - take two

After months & months of staying in the background - reading & enjoying other's blogs, I have finally decided to participate more actively by setting up my own blog.

My intent is to use this as a sounding board for myself; as well as to document my life, adoption, trial and tribulations of raising a second family as an older single mom to two little ones.

I hope to be able to print this journal out at some point & save it for my "Haitian Angels" so they understand the emotional journey that I experienced as I waited & longed for them to be home with me. At some point hopefully in the not so distance future this will switch to my emotional & mental banterings once we have met - virtual strangers thrust together as an instant family, as we grow to love & trust one another.

My kids being stripped of their normal - language, food, culture, climate, the orphange that is the only home they have ever known, as well as their friends & nannies who have loved & cared for them during this long wait, will grieve for all they have lost - as I celebrate being united. It will be a sad symphony we will play as we get everyone settled into their new roles, lives & establish a new normal for all of us. I just hope their little hearts & souls are being prepared for the changes they will experience & their new family that loves them & has waited months / years for them to finally come home. I am overwhelmed with love for these little guys & trying to reconcile my joy during their grief leaves me torn.


This journey into my private life may not always have story book happy endings. I want to document my truth & not just see the world through rose colored glasses. You may not agree with my ramblings or observations but please this is a personal journey of my heart & my experiences - so we will have to agree to disagree on what I feel & observe.

Welcome to my life - take two. Laur