Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Summer in Photos # 3

Christolla's 7th Birthday.

Sparklers added to the fun.

This little girl was priceless, she looked terrified of the sparkler.

Nelson looking cute.

Brandon sporting the party hat.

Pretty soon she will be too big to sit on my knee - wow she grew like crazy this summer.

Admiring her new flippers while chatting on the phone to Auntie.

Mermaid pose.
Brandon hiding behind a dog & the littles playing with the new Barbies.

Christolla's first Barbie dolls from her big brother - she was thrilled.

Summer in Photos # 2

Out for a walk.
Kids showing some of their 'tude.

Another day, another bench & another dog.

Side view of first corn row attempt.

Top view of first corn row attempt.

At the beach.
Playing with the now lost surf board.

Nelson & James frolicking in the water.

I know - blurry, but I love this photo of Nelson.

Christolla showing her first injury - three stitches to the eyebrow.

Summer in Photos # 1

Helping out with that last one.

Happy 5th birthday baby boy! We missed you Ashley & Paul!

Jen lighting the candles for Nelson.

He chose this cake on his own & was thrilled with it!!!
Nelson's first birthday party.

Christolla looking pretty.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summers Coming to An End......

It's been a long time since I have sat down & attempted to put pen to paper (so to speak) as it felt like it was just another task on the endless task list. I have to admit; life is hard work and I don't have the energy I used too.

Summer is winding down & the kids are almost excited as I am that they are back to school in TWO days!!!! I am not one of those Mom's that mourn their babies heading out to school. I will take the day off work & escort my little darlings to their new school, take photos for prosperity, shed tears of joy & relax with a large coffee and Baileys & savor the sound of silence. Ahhhh......

Nelson has real issues with change & any change in routine can turn my sweet young boy into a raging, unreasonable 5 year old monster. The last two weeks of pre-school the nightmare began as summer holidays loomed. He did stabilize but the last two weeks with school on the horizon his moods swings would put a teen girl to shame. Defiance, attitude with the flair of a drama queen. Nope - this Momma's smiling.

We did take a wonderful two week vacation to shake up Auntie Cher's peaceful world & enjoy the west coast. Plus a side trip to visit with Ashley & Paul in Squamish - as they took the summer off work, pitched a tent & scaled the face of mountains all summer. The area they were staying in was so serene & beautiful. In contract the summer here was awful! During working hours we did have some nice weather, but I am in a air conditioned high rise all day & like clock work at quiting time it would start to rain for the remainder of the evening. We also had some wild electrical storms that would find my dogs wrapped around my head & vibrating so violently that sleep would be impossible - good times. We had to drive to Vancouver to get away from the rain this summer - how ironic is that?

I'll leave you with a photo diary of the summer & will post more in the days to come.