Thursday, June 25, 2009


Camping on my Birthday.

Sandra & Christolla
Kids playing in the pool we set up in the campsite.

Sandra & James - a little muddy from the pool.

James catching a big bubble.

Things have been crazy busy here. Work is super busy so I go all day at work, evenings well they just fly by as well. The weather here has sucked as it seems that at about quiting time every evening is exactly when the rain starts. We have had some pretty impressive lightening & thunder storms.

Ashley is doing just fine after her fall & the compression fracture in her spine. She is pretty much back to normal. She is long boarding, back at work (she so surprised me that she is able to work so soon) & started training again for a triathalon she wants to do in the fall. Ahh to be young, healthy & super fit to aid your recovery.

I had my birthday out camping at a super family orientated campground with a wonderful beach & a nice shallow lake for young kids to wade & swim in. We went out with a friend & her little guy & had a great long weekend out of the city & relaxing.

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