Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

We have lots to be thankful this year, good food, health, a house, a car, a job I really like, good friends, excellent extended family that we reconnected with; on both sides of the family this year and four great kids I am really proud of. They are all turning out to be such beautiful people.

A little untraditional, but Ashley is Vegan so our menu has to be adjusted. We had whole wheat spaghetti & tomato sauce, homemade Guacomole & red pepper hummus, a bagette, cheese for those of us that indulge & of course our usual meal menu item - raw veggies.

Ashley reading to Nelson at bedtime.
Ashley reading to both Christolla & Dieunelson.
Ashley's good buddy, Paul, who came & spent the day with us.
Do those look like kissable lips to you?

My oldest daughter, Ash.
My youngest daughter, Christolla. Yes I know her pants are a little short, she has sprouted up like crazy over the summer. After nap time I need to dig through all their clothes & remove all the too small stuff AGAIN.
Two hammers, one night stand & approx two hours entertainment over two days while the kids beat it apart & then disposed of the carnage. I loved that old night stand & it served me well even in its desmise.
My oldest son, Brandon.
Brandon trying to get the pump out of the pond. I can usually leave it running & don't usually drain it until the end of October. This year it is already frozen in. It's going to be a long winter - Yuck.
Frozen pond, the pump created a frozen bubble over it - very cool.
The temps today was - 10 C or 14 F. Way to cold this early in the year - fall has not been long enough, most of the trees in my area still have all their leaves, lots haven't even turned color yet.
We missed a whole season. :(

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