Friday, March 28, 2008

Bag Update & Random Babbling

So received the call from Air Canada today that the missing back pack is now back in our city, so I decided to go to the airport & pick it up myself. I was so pleased as it was still heavy so obviously the contents were still inside. :) Once I got it home & took everything out I found the following few items missing.

1. C's back pack & contents we had put together for her for the flight home (who would want a little kids back pack with crayons & coloring book, beanie baby, a couple of books, misc little toys & a bunch of fruit snacks, raisins & other snacky items?) D's was in there so that caused some friction as they fought over the contents & who was going to wear it.

2. Two tubes of tooth paste (they left the other 16 tubes)

3. I had a heaping bag of little kid tooth brushes, my dentist graciously donated & now it isn't quite as full

4. All our food items were gone that we took to eat in Haiti; except for one package of Soup Works which was ripped & spilled in the bag. We didn't have anything exciting either just Soup Works, Side Kicks & Pasta type dishes - they must have been hungry.

5. A package of Pull-ups

I am thrilled to have A's good back pack back & only have a few miscellaneous items go astray. I am happy I can box up the rest of this stuff & send them off to Haiti to where they were meant to be. I always figured that the mail would be less reliable than the airlines but this definetely proves me wrong - I never lost one box I mailed to the kids while they were at the O. Actually I only have to mail the boxes to a Florida address & from there it gets loaded on to a small missionary plane that flies supplies in to Haiti once a week.

I am so happy, all of the items that were of any real value; like the Robeez shoes & nursing scrubs were all still in there. It was a good day.......... :)

Well except for the fact that I decided to make the run to the airport instead of putting the kids down for their nap. I figured they would sleep on the road trip. I was also dropping A off at work on the way home from the airport so I figured it would be an hour to an hour & a half road trip & the kids could sleep while I got a few things done. Well they did go to sleep for a wee bit on the way to the airport, but it fell short of their regular two hour nap by a long shot. Now I know why I have been such a stickler with routine & sticking to a schedule. They were tired & cranky & miserable for the rest of the day. Now I must inject here that I did not have my nap today either, plus the fact that the kids were up at 6:30 am (instead of the 7:30 that is acceptable to me) that put me in a foul mood too. I was low on patience & had two kids whining & pushing my buttons. Finally with supper done; all we had left was bath time & reading & I would be home free. So got right to it & D decided to jump into the tub off the side & whacked his head a good one & was just screaming bloody murder. Scared the crap outta me & I grabbed him up & held him for a bit but he recovered & wanted back in the tub to play. So after another melt down or two I had enough for one day & the kids were sent to bed without reading a book. Cranky kids & cranky mommy is not a good combination. That is what I get for not sticking to a routine.

Yesterday I put the kids down for their nap at 1:00 & they played & fooled around for a whole hour. Finally I said enough you both come to Mommy's bed & we will all sleep together ;) Now usually I do fall asleep for a bit when I lay down with them, but then wake up & go get a start on dinner while they continue to sleep. Well yesterday D & I didn't wake up until 4:45. Holy smokes what a waste of a day. C had woke a bit earlier but had gone down to B's room & hung with him until we woke up.

That is one thing I am really going to miss when I go back to work - I LOVE my after lunch nap time! Lorraine, a lady I work with, came by today with a gift certificate & card from all my co-workers. Thanks so much everyone you are all so sweet, generous & considerate I really do appreciate everything you have done for us! We will certainly put your gift card to good use over the next while.

Tomorrow is a new day & I am hoping we can put today's grumpiness behind us.

Yesterday A & I took the kids to "Let's Play" to burn off a little energy. When my big kids were little they didn't have these kinds of play areas so this was all new to me. There was slides & tunnels & balls rooms & all kinds of fun stuff to explore. I flew down the very first slide like a freaking rocket & it felt like I compressed a couple of vertibrae & twisted an ankle, when I gracefully landed at the bottom. The kids had a blast though, although they were a little intimidated by the swinging tunnels & by the amount of kids there. All the big kids kind of push the little ones to the side so they were a little nervous. I crawled through tunnels & squeezed my fat behind through these rolling things I didn't think I would squeeze through. In fact I got half way through one & started whining I was stuck so C & some other little girl grabbled my arms & yanked me through. I love it when I make an a** out of myself in front of a ton of people. I forgot it was spring break right now so the place was hopping. Next time we go will be on a school day. When C got up this morning she said she wanted to go to "Let's Play" again & whined when I said no - that was just the start of it.

No big plans for the weekend. In fact I didn't even know it was Friday until the contractor said see you on Monday. I can't believe another week has flown by. I will try to get some photos of the kids at home on here tomorrow.

Hugs, Laur

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Nicole said...

Glad the bag turned up, along with most of its contents! I know just how you feel about the crankiness - it's the same in our house. When Mommy is tired, nobody's happy! :-)