Sunday, March 2, 2008

Day Three

Wow what a whirl wind of a day - busy, busy, busy.

The kids are a going concern - all of them. We spent a lot of time with a lot of the kids today, I pushed them in swings, took them guava hunting, played ball & captured them in photos & gave out lots of cuddles.

Quite a few of the kids have chicken pox now but most are pretty mild cases. They seem a little grumpy the first day or so & after that it doesn't seem to slow them down any.

It is 1am & I am up because C peed the bed. UGGG I don't know what I was thinking last night but I forgot to put a pull-up on her. She has been doing great & her diaper is dry every morning but I still wanted to keep one on her. After their shower tonight she chose what she was going to wear & I didn't even think of it until I woke in a puddle. I have towels on the bed but now we have no blanket for the rest of the night as I have no clue as to where to find a new one. Oh well it is a nice night anyway.

D has decided he wants to pee in the potty all the time now. We had to change one poopy diaper today & that is it - all the rest of the time he goes the minute he sits on the potty. He is even dry after nap & night time. I will buy a potty when we get home, he is so ready. We don't even have to remind him but usually when C says she has to go potty he nods he does too & off he goes. :)

We went for a morning & evening walk around the village today. This is a very rural area, farm land everywhere & is extremely beautiful. The poverty in this area doesn't look as bad as the city areas - don't get me wrong they are poor, but it isn't a shatty town. Saw the kids family earlier today again, they just live a little ways from the orphanage & the papa went on our evening walk with us & was telling us the kreyol names for all the animals. It was very nice that he joined us, he really loves those kids.

It is great having all these volunteers here, I think there is seven plus A & I so that helps with all the attention the kids are getting. I am amazed how much the kids understand in english. When I was pushing them on the swings today I would say feet & they would stick their little feet up in the air & I would push them & they giggled & giggled. They are all so sweet & innocent & so ready to go home & be loved. All of them just crave a little one on one time to sit on your knee & cuddle.

We are hoping the missing bag will show up on Monday (today) as we leave on Tuesday. We have little back packs for each of the kids with stuff to keep them amused on the plane & of course lots of snacks. That will be a drag not to have those. Plus that is A's back pack so she of course doesn't want to lose that.

We have a cook that makes us breakfast & lunch in the volunteer house but we are on our own to make supper. Most of our food supplies were in the missing bag except for 4 boxes of kraft dinner so that has been our main staple. Sundays the cook is off so we were on our own all day but this evening one of the volunteers made banana pancakes & we ate it with Nutella - yum yum. The teeny tiny banana's here are so sweet & good. The food here has been excellent though so no complaints except for the kraft dinner which isn't my favorite at the best of times - but hey that is our fault that is what we brought. I would prefer some soup works or some of the other pasta type items we packed but hey we can't be picky at this point.

We had a two hour nap with the kids today so that was the longest since we have been here, so I am not so tired tonight. Plus I was in & asleep by 8pm so I am certainly getting a lot of rest when we do lay down.

The kids really are sweet, both have tempers though & D has the biggest pouty lip you have ever seen. The have killer sweet eyes though. They are starting to remember to call us Mommy or A now instead of Hey but that is a work in process. :)

Dogs in the yard are barking like crazy & the stupid rooster here go off all night. But I better go back to bed.

Hugs, Laur

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