Monday, March 3, 2008

Last Night in Haiti

So much happens in a day here, but today was the last full day. We catch a flight to PAP tomorrow at noonish so we will start our journey home. We then fly out of PAP at 4 ish & on to Montreal & overnight there.

We had the kids going away party today & each kid had a "happy birthday cake". All the children from each of their rooms got to attend the party & have cake - they were all very excited. The kids all sang the kids a couple of farewell type songs in kreyol & of course happy birthday :) Sammy said a prayer before the kids had cake & it had me crying when it was translated :( Sammy is a great kid & very handsome, C is really going to miss him - they spend a lot of time together now.

C wanted to go to the Lion room tonight to watch a movie & was cuddled up with her favorite nanny when Marie went to get her. She was really sad when she returned to us & cried when I took her in the shower with me. She then fussed when I said it was bedtime but I carried her to bed crying & she was quiet & out within a couple of minutes. That is one good thing the kids fall asleep really fast & they just cuddle up to us & crash right out.

Our bag did not arrive today so we are going home without it. I am hoping when Nadine comes she can bring it home with her or we can have someone mail the back pack from the US when they return home. Pretty much all the contents were donations anyway except for the kids diapers / back packs & some food but that can stay here, so it will be coming home empty. They were told today that it would probably be in tomorrow afternoon but we leave before that. That is a bit of a drag but it could have been much worse if it had been the suitcase with our clothes etc it in.

There are so many of the kids that I have really fallen for here. They are all so sweet & cuddly. I have not spent any time with any of the babies at all except for one little sweetie that is currently living in the volunteer house. Man she is one cute little girl. She has been kinda grumpy the last couple of days because she too has the chicken pox quite bad, but even then she is a sweet baby. Her family can rest assured that that is one spoiled, doted on little girl. I spent a lot of time loving on her.

Nadine I will call you when I get home but your little guy is so sweet & wants to come home so badly. I have not heard any news re: your file while here. He comes up to me all the time & says he wants to look at his Momma Book. He can name everyone in your family & wants to just sit & look at it over & over, he would ask to see it every day. I look forward to having play dates with all of you when he is home. He is a very sweet loving little guy. He is a little afraid of the big dogs here so we spent some time sitting with the dogs & petting them etc.

D has some major food issues. If someone touches his bowl or tries to help or heaven forbid if he drops a little on the floor or table it sends him into a complete melt down. Lunch today he spilled a small amount on the floor & screamed for about 15 minutes. No he didn't just scream he freaked out. He is very protective of his food & is afraid we are going to take it away. When I am eating he doesn't mind sharing my food with me. He is like a little puppy & will go stand beside who ever is eating & gives them those big sad eyes hoping they will give him something. He eats really well on his own with a spoon but he just shovels in his food as fast as possible & doesn't want to be interupted. C is fine with us helping out & doesn't freak out like that. Eating on the plane or in restaurants with D may be interesting we will see.......

They really are great kids but this is pretty scarey for them so please keep us in your thoughts or prayers over the next couple of days while we travel home.

Talk to you all when we get home - I don't think I will be able to write tomorrow night.

Hugs, Laurie


ManyBlessings said...

Have a safe and wonderful trip home!

Jen said...

Safe travels! Can't wait to hear all about it! and get some travel tips as well!!

Auntie C said...

I am so happy that your bag has finally been found! I hope that nothing is missing, but even so, at least you're getting A's good backpack back! Hope it's intact & then the contents will make their way to where it all needs to be, at the O in Haiti! Perhaps there was an Air Canada luggage tag on the backpack, which could be why it went back to AC in Montreal. Have a wonderful day! Love you!