Monday, May 4, 2009

First Baby Tooth Came Out

May 4, 2009

Christolla pulled her first tooth all by herself tonight! Poor girl has been struggling to eat lately as she has two wiggly teeth so she hasn't been able to bite stuff like normal. Tonight at the grocery store I noticed that her bottom tooth was very crooked so I took a look & could see the new tooth coming in behind the baby tooth. I gave her baby tooth a little wiggle & it was really loose. So when we got out to the van I gave her a kleenex & told her to grab it & pull it out. I expected her to play with it for awhile & pretty much instantly she told me that it was out. No fuss, no muss :) She looked a little concerned for a moment like she wanted to cry but we started congratulating her & told her how proud we were of her pulling it all by herself; so she didn't end up crying.

At bedtime we stuck her little tooth between a couple of lego pieces & stuck it under her pillow. She was a little nervous about the tooth fairy coming & wanted to know if she was nice & if she could fly. She is quite excited about the idea of getting money for her tooth. How much does the old tooth fairy pay these days? Oh I hope I don't forget to pay her a visit much later this evening.

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