Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Did It - Taxes That Is

Well I actually did my taxes last night. Not only that, but I did Brandon's & most of Ashley's too. Wow what a relief, & my worst fears have been eliminated as I am actually getting a refund. YIPPPEEE! Damn I wished I had filed earlier. :)

Ashley was missing one T4 & her tuition form so I still need to input those, but everything else is done & ready to go & I may get some of her leftover tuition write offs too so we will see. Now if she will just get me the forms I need today we will be good to go.

Maybe tonight I will be able to E-file both of our returns as well & I will be officially done with it for another year. Brandon's I submitted last night so his are officially done.

I still tend to worry until I receive the official tax assessment & know that it is over for another year. I always fear being audited too, I am not sure of the logical explaination as I am always honest on my returns but I guess it goes back to my fear / apprehension of the whole tax experience.

So I am done or a least a lot more done than on Sunday night. Soooo close. Aren't you proud of me Dad, I didn't want until the last night to do my taxes this year. :) Ok you can reserve the pat on the back until I actually click send & submit them. Soon, real soon. Without a doubt before Thursday.

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Jenn said...

Woohhoooo!!! I hate taxes!