Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Relaxing the Curls

Christolla's hair before. Hard to see but it is very tight kinky curls.

Christolla's hair after relaxing it. Can you see how much looser the curls are?
A whole new look & it looks longer. I don't think she liked it to begin with - see her reflection in the photo above (I think she thought it would be straighter). I asked what she thought about her hair she said "it's a freakin' mess" & she isn't allowed to say that! LOL I can't imagine where she would have heard that before. :) Nelson said "you look like a princess to me Christolla". Aww
After blow drying & using the straightening iron. I just wanted to see if I could make it look straight, like the photos on the web site. She didn't look like the same kid when we were done.
I could have NEVER made her hair do this before. Takes too much time / work to make it feasible for a daily doo but it's ok for special look once in awhile.
Of course as soon as she slept on it her hair shrank & never looked this way again. :) A good one day - no afternoon nap style. If I am going to spend an hour or two doing hair I want it to last a week or two.

My two little ones have the tightest curls & it makes their hair difficult to work with. Trying to get a comb or even making a part through the curls takes a LOT of leave-in conditioner & determination. I am getting better with doing Christolla's hair but felt if I could relax the curls a bit I would have a much easier time managing it.

I searched the web & found this site for BodipHier Natural Hair Relaxing System. Following is the link to some the testimonials for this product I decided to go for it. It arrived within five days, so I could hardly wait to try it. It was easy to put on (like coloring your hair) & didn't have a perm, chemical smell although I still found it mildly offensive and very importantly it didn't cause any skin irration or hair breakage (yet - six days post relaxer).
It did NOT straighten Christolla's hair at all but it relaxed her curls & her hair is so much softer & easier to manage. So instead of having a tight afro she has a softer, fluffier afro. :) Christolla likes her hair done in little braids & I will continue to do her hair like that but it is so much easier to wash, comb or braid now. Her hair feels soft & healthy. You do have to relax the new growth as the hair grows but the relaxer is supposed to be permanent. We will see...........
If we start noticing any hair loss or any adverse effects I will be sure to post it, but right now I am happy with the results & it did exactly what I was hoping / expecting it to do.

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small town girl said...

thanks for that link, I'm not sure what I'm dealing with, but we are taking down the fancy braid/twists this week-end, after 30 days it's time. Then I will know more...scarey....