Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bah Hum Bug.....................

I knew it................. my taxes are being audited & I need to provide proof of all my adoption expenses plus copies of every single document ever given to me when my adoption was finalized. The great news is I am only missing one receipt out of everything so for that I am truly grateful. I am hoping the orphanage can come through & provide a copy of that one missing receipt & then I will be a happy girl.

I thought the insane paper chase was over but I am finding it still continues. The worst part is that I haven't done the kids legal name change yet (just giving them middle names of my choosing) & I still have not applied for their Canadian Citizenship. I am so sick of paperwork. What a Catch 22 - I need my tax refund to do the name change & apply for citizenship but I can't get my tax refund without providing all this documentation that the government has already scruntized & approved from the very beginning. Then next year I will have to prove that these are the same kids no doubt after I give them middle names.

I find it hard to believe that I need to ask the government permission to adopt before I can even do my homestudy. Once I am granted that request I have to provide them with personal details of my life & finances, proof of my mental stability, letters of reference from multiple people & various medical tests & they hold all the power to allow you to adopt or not. The official proposal of the children gets sent to the government first, they go through all the details & if they approve those children, my government proposes those children to me to accept or not. Then at the end of the adoption process I need to get their permission once again to bring the children into the country as permanent residents & they print up the cards to allow them to go home.

As we entered Canada we went through the all the hoops to verify all permissions were granted for them to gain entry in Canada. So in my option the government has been in well aware of & semi-active participants in our adoption from the very beginning.

When I registered for the Child Tax Benefit - they had no idea who these kids were & all documents had to be provided again.

Now again they are totally oblivious to who these children are & I need to provide all the same documents once again. Does the government not have a computer system that is networked so all this information can be shared between computers? How is that possible?

Not a happy camper. Did I mention before that I hate tax time?

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Heather said...

Hi Laurie,
You commented on my post about Saige with yarn braids and I thought I'd answer your questions here.

Saige's hair probably took about 3 hours or so. (I didn't do it all in one sitting) I let her watch a movie and eat treats so she'd hold still.:)

Her hair is probably barely an inch long is all. It is super easy to put the yarn braids in. I watched a video on you tube to learn how. If you look back a few posts I have some links to where I found the videos.

Hopefully this is helpful!