Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is getting expensive...............

Chrissy showing off her toothless grin.
New teeth already coming in on the bottom.

This stage just makes me laugh. They are so cute.

Top of Christolla's head

Back view.

Ok who came up with this tooth fairy idea anyway? Teeth are coming out fast & furious in our household. Christolla lost her first tooth last week (bottom front), her second tooth yesterday (bottom front) & her third tooth today top front. Christolla is so excited about her lottery windfall & grins the biggest toothless grin. She was very brave & pulled the first two teeth out on her own but I had to assist, much to my dismay with pulling out # 3 tonight as it was dangling at odd angles & Christolla was unable to pull it on her own. UGGGG - I hate stuff like that! There are times when I wished I had a man around the house & this was definitely one of them.

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Jennifer said...

They are getting so big! I love the toothless phase, she looks so cute! Love the hair! I'm afraid it would take me several days to do that!