Sunday, August 31, 2008

Visiting Grandma & Grandpa

Enjoying a train ride around Grandma & Grandpa's back yard

Please keep my Mom in your thoughts & prayers as she does her chemo treatments for bone cancer. I spoke to her last night & her voice sounded so meek & tired. Currently she is doing chemo every four days & she is really feeling nauseous & run down right now. So far she has had four or five treatments & they have not indicated when it will end. She has had several vertebrae collapse as the cancer eats the bone so now she is struggling with even more pain & having to use a cane to assist her as the last one to disintegrate also pinched a nerve.
D has recovered beautifully from his umbilical hernia surgery. He was really sore the day of the surgery & the whole next day but since then you would never know he even had surgery. I am supposed to keep him from doing stairs, crawling on or over furniture & riding a bike. So far I have failed to do any of those things. Obviously it isn't hurting him or he wouldn't be doing them. He is a very active guy so it is next to impossible to keep him down for long. I will post his before & after shots of his belly button once it has healed & no longer has bandages on it. We have just removed the outside bandage & he no longer has a big outie so I too am anxious to see what it looks like when it is healed & all the steri strips are peeled off.
It is a lazy rainy day here today & fall is definitely in the air. I am still working on putting my house back together after having it being torn apart because of the grain beetle infestation. Three levels are now done but I have not even touched the fourth level yet. I can hardly wait to pull everything out again in a month & do this all again - NOT! Actually that won't be as bad since I can just take out items in one cupboard at a time rather than empty the contents of the whole house at once. I have not seen any live creepy crawlies for a couple of days now although new dead bugs keep showing up so obviously they are still hatching & crawling out of hiding. YUCKY!!!
Kids are napping right now so I better take this opportunity to go get showered up & make myself presentable.
Hugs, Laurie

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