Friday, August 15, 2008

Adoption Poems

As I waited almost three years to bring my children home, I spent a lot of time stalking adoption blogs & dreaming of the day I would have my children home. Along the way I collected some poems others had posted that had special meaning to me. I thought I would start sharing some of them here for others to enjoy as you wait for your babies to come home.

Hugs, Laur

We've added to our family tree
A stronger one to make
A child from another plant
Has become our new namesake

Just as a limb is grafted
From one tree to another
It alters and improves the plant
Making it uniquely like no other

Our family tree has been improved
Adoption made this so
For love much more than bloodlines
Makes us thrive and grow

We chose to share our life and love
And all the joys to come
Our family tree has blossomed
With the arrival of our cherished one (two)...

Author Unknown


As a girl I had a common dream, to be a mom someday.
My baby would have eyes of blue and hair the hue of hay.

But now my dreams have been transformed.
New visions fill my head.
Now the tresses that I long to stroke are raven black instead.
And in my dreams those eyes are not so big or blue or round.
Now in my dreams they're beautiful and colored cocoa brown.

And in my dreams my arms can stretch across enormous seas.
They reach half-way around the world and hold you close to me.
And in my dreams the moment that your birthmother says good-bye, I'll be right there to comfort you and hold you as you cry.

Our features may not look alike; we're different as can be.
But still I know the Father has created you for me.
And though I've not yet touched your face, or held your tiny hands, and though we're half a world apart in very different lands, I'll be right there to get you, just as soon as God allows.
But ’til He says the time is right I give to you this vow.
I'll pray for your protection every day on bended knee.
For God to hold you in His arms, until you're here with me.

Author Unknown


Karen said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

small town girl said...

Thanks so much for that!