Sunday, August 3, 2008

I'm Back................. :)

I have been so deliquent with my blog even though I have had the best intentions to keep it updated. Well with my camera on the blink it just wasn't fun to post & not have any photos to go along with it. Camera is working again so I will post a bunch of photos to catch up.

Life with two little ones adjusting to a whole new life & family is exciting, exasperating, fun, frustrating & extremely BUSY! Wow they are a lot of work! Some days I really do second guess my decision to start over again, some days (ok most days) I feel sooo old. There are so many post institutional behaviors that are hard to deal with. LOUD yelling, screaming & crying may have worked in an orphanage when competing for attention, but in the home it grates on my nerves. I have found that keeping the schedule as rigid as possible gives us the best results as any change produces insecurity & acting out. The repetitive questions & sassiness is going to give me gray hair (oh wait - that has already happened). It is not all negative though - they are a lot of fun too & I am very proud of how much they have grown physically, emotionally & mentally in the short time they have been home. This is not an easy transition for older children who have to learn a new language & family appropriate behavior. These behaviors have obviously worked for them in the past so to learn new behaviors is going to take some time. I am encouraged by the support groups of other adoptive families I belong too as everyone is dealing with the same issues as I am - yeah I am not alone. Parenting older adopted children is nothing like parenting bio children. We are all learning as we go along - we have good days & some really crappy days but according to all the other parents going through this transition period, this is normal & this too shall pass.

Enough of my blabbing I need to start posting some photos.

Hugs, Laur

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