Thursday, August 7, 2008

I'm a Weiner..........

My new wheels.

My sis & her new wheels. I like hers better - maybe next lottery I could win one of those?

I mean winner. :) I have been buying the $100 lottery tickets for years & years & have never won anything. So I told the kids I had to keep buying them now; as it always says you have a 1 in 15 or 1 in 20 chance of winning. I have purchased way more than 15 - 20 of those tickets over the years so I said I was going to win soon.

Not long before we left for Haiti I won a Olympus digital camera in one of the lotteries. I was tickled pink as I did not have a working camera anymore & it was on my list of things to purchase before picking up the kids.

Then a couple of months ago in another lottery I won a Panasonic cordless phone with three handsets. I was happy about that one too as the basement had just been completed & I needed a phone for down there as well as some new ones upstairs. Yippee another bonus.

Then yesterday I got a letter in the mail from the Kinsmen Lotto informing me that I had won a Shimano Townie 21 speed touring bike & helmet. I went & picked it up today & it is awesome. It is very retro - in fact my sis had one just like this in the 70's (only it was a 1 speed & had pedal brakes). She used to get teased riding it as mustangs bikes with banana seats or 10 speeds were the rage at that time. See Cher you were just way ahead of your time. It reminds me of a Mr. Bean bike so you just have to smile when you look at it. I think I will have to buy a bell & basket for it & you can call me Ms. Bean. Then we can pop our puppies into the basket, hook the kid trailer up to the back & take the whole crew out riding.

So it seems the value of the last three prizes has gone up each time - so yippee maybe next time it will be a car, or a house, or money.................. ;) I would be good with any of those - a girl can dream.

So if you see me cruising down the road - honk & wave as you pass me.
Hugs, Laur

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