Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bugs, Surgery & Pre-School

Things have been busy!

I am living a freaking nightmare right now. I discovered last week that I have a grain beetle infestation in my house. They are teeny tiny little black beetle bugs that can get into even sealed packages. I spent two days taking everything out of all the cupboards, washing & bleaching them, throwing out all the dry foods & putting all the dishes back. We bleached all the baseboards on the main floor & have been cleaning like crazy. But our efforts were a waste of time & on Friday we had the exterminators come in & fumigate the whole house. We had to empty every cupboard in the house again & move all the furniture into the middle of the rooms so they could spray all the baseboards. We threw out about 8 garbage bags full of food – all dry stuff like crackers, soups, spices, flour, sugar etc. It is a huge drag & a costly infestation. Even all my linens & towels had bugs in them so now I am washing load after load of laundry. So now it is like we are just moving in again as we have to put everything away again. We have to leave the poison on for one month so all the cupboards are lined with freezer paper to put the dishes on & in a month we can do this all again – take everything out, wash the stuff, wash the poison out of the cupboards & put it all away again. UGGGGG

Went & visited my Mom & Dad last week & spent a couple of days there hanging out with them. Mom is having chemo treatments every four days so she was a little tired & sick feeling but looked pretty good overall. We kept our visit short & sweet as I didn't want to tire out Mom & Dad.

Attended our adoption agencies picnic on Sunday & the kids had lots of fun playing with other little ones & I got a chance to meet a few other adoptive families. They organized games for the kids & had lots of little prizes for them so it was a good time. All the families also brought food so we had a way more food than we could eat. It was a really nice afternoon even if I did end up getting a $36.00 parking ticket. It was so crowded there it was insane - so I I parked where I could, behind a long line of other cars so they made a killing on fines that afternoon alone.

D had his umbilical hernia surgery yesterday. Poor baby he was a hurting puppy. His surgery was scheduled for 11:30am but he finally went in at 12:30pm. My sweetie was miserable as he had not had any food since the previous nights supper at 7:00pm. He kept asking for eggies, pizza or chicken & french fries. He couldn't even have any water or apple juice after 7:30am so I got up & made sure he drank a bit before that time. He was very miserable last night & couldn't walk well himself & just screamed when I tried to move him. I was up every four hours with him last night to give pain meds & continued with that same schedule today as well. This morning he is moving on his own, even if it is at a much slower pace than normal. I am supposed to keep him off the stairs (hahahaha - he has already been up & down several times), no bike riding or swimming for two weeks. We took the outer bandage off tonight & he no longer has the big outie but he has surgerical strips still on for at least a week or two so we won't see the final results for a little while yet.

Tonight the kids had their pre-school orientation session. Just a little opportunity for them to go see their teachers & meet some of their classmates & to play a little while. C had not seen it before as I had her registered for Kindergarten until I went to enroll D in playschool & made a decision that would be a better placement for her as well. Gosh I felt old this evening though when most of the young moms didn't look much older than my oldest daughter. I even had one mom come up & ask me my name & wanted to know how long I had worked there. I said no I don't work here I am Mom to two little ones & she looked so surprised. :)

It is getting late so I need to sign off for now & prepare for another day. I have lots of photos so will try to post some of those tomorrow.

Hugs, Laur


Salzwedel Family said...

Sorry to hear you are going through all of these trials! I pray things will look up soon.

Lisa said...

Wow! You have A LOT going on!! What a nightmare! The house stuff!!! If you need ANY help at ALL Laur, PLEASE let me know!!! Missed the picnic, would have loved to see your kiddos again!

Hope your Mom is on the upswing in a big way.
Love Lisa