Monday, May 5, 2008

Two Months Home!

Dancing & singing is one of his favorite past times.
Wrestling with his big brother is another all time favorite activity.
My baby girl, sleeping tonight. Thumb was in her mouth but I disturbed her & she pulled it out. You can see how dried out her thumb looks though.
Sweaty little man. I have never seen a little kid sweat so much when he sleeps.
Sleeping in separate beds now. C has moved up to the top bunk & feels like a really big girl that she can sleep up high.

On March 5, 2008 we flew home to begin our new life. The last two months have absolutely rocked my world.

#1. I find it hard to believe I have only had my babies home two months.

#2. I am amazed how much they have learned in only two months.

They have such sweet gentle spirits & have accepted me as their Mom from the beginning. They have a strength of spirit that I am sure helped them with being in an orphanage for as long as they have. Both compete for one on one attention, acceptance & just want to belong. When I think back on how amazed they were with every day stuff when we first met them to where they are now I am grateful. It has been such an eye opening experience to watch them blossom into life here. This has been an amazing experience - I have been so focused on teaching them but they have opened my heart & mind & taught me things that have changed my outlook on life. I am changed forever & for that I am grateful.

I wanted to focus this post on all the positive aspects of adopting older children. It hasn't always been easy & there have been moments that I felt over whelmed but hopefully those times are getting less frequent.


Salzwedel Family said...

OK, I feel like a stalker for being the "lone commenter" on the last two posts.

Congrats on being home two months! I'm sure they have been amazed at the things they see & you are amazed at everything they soak up like little sponges.

Cute pics - wow that's a lot of sweat!

Jen said...

I cannot believe it has been two months already! We need to get together for coffee soon!