Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers Day 2008

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day & I just enjoyed having all four of my kids at home. Once I commited to adopting the two little ones in November 2005, every Mothers Day after that felt like my family was incomplete. Yesterday there was a real peace in the air that everyone was home where they were supposed to be.

We didn't do anything too exciting, I was up to my neck in laundry so I worked on that most of the day, wild & crazy girl that I am. Contractors lied to me & they did not complete my basement renos on Friday as promised. They will probably be working on completing that most of the week - UGGG. So laundry needed to get done.

Since it was Mothers Day I decided we would order Chinese food for supper. I ordered the food, picked it up, paid for it & helped serve it up but at least I didn't have to cook it. :) I did not have to help clean up after dinner though so that was a bonus. The kids bought me a beautiful card that A wrote a very touching blurb in, plus some chocolates & a promise of a spa day.

I decided after dinner that I would love all the kids to go outside & take the dogs out for a evening walk. I wanted to have peace & quiet for a half an hour in a hot bubble bath without a dog barking demanding I play frisbee or kids wanting to climb in with me, crying, whining or peeking under the door. So I started getting the little ones ready for the walk to motivate the big kids to get a move on; so I could let my hair down & let Calgon take me away. As the big kids were finally getting ready to head out the door with little kids & dogs in tow, I ran into the bathroom to get the tub running so as not to waste any valuable soaking time. As I entered into the bathroom I was greated with the foul stench of poop in my peaceful domain. I won't mention any names as to who the nasty culprit was but because she is 21 years old she should have known better. I ran out to utter my disbelief at her indescretion as there are two other functioning toilets in the house; there was no reason to use the facilities in the only room I was about to spend the next 30 - 45 minutes in & they actually laughed after a feeble sorry Mom I didn't think about that. Oh Boy! So I sprayed the room with Lysol & laid in the hot tub trying to ignore the Lysol / poop stench combo with the ceiling fan roaring & squeeking and my Cockatoo screaming a deafening AHHH AHHH AHHH for a good 10 minutes as she was missing all the kids. But when I looked up on the tub wall written in bath tub letters are the words "I Love You Mom". So even though my soak was not the aromatherapy experience nor the quiet that I was so desperately hoping for; it was pretty darn good. All my kids were home, the rest was just all gravy.

The only thing that would have made it better would have to been able to spend the day with my Mom too. It didn't work out as the kids had appointments booked for Monday morning but we are going for a visit at the end of this week so I will see you soon Mom & Dad. Love You.

Hugs, Laurie

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