Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yeah the People Have Spoken

Rosa sat so Martin could walk,
Martin walked so Barack could run,
Barack ran so our children can fly.

As a mother to visible minority children I couldn't be happier about the results of the US Election. Imagine the possibilities for ALL children now who grow up in a era where the color of your skin doesn't dictate how far you can be promoted within a company or who you could love or marry. That a person of any color can hold the highest office in the country.

As a Canadian I didn't have any right to vote but I am thrilled that Bush is OUT of office & someone as smart & articulate as Obama has been voted in. Personally I wouldn't want his new job. He has one hell of a mess to clean up after the years of Bush's administration. Time will tell if Obama is the change so desperately wanted & needed but I can say with complete confidence that he can't possibly do any worse than his predecessor.

I couldn' t be happier that Obama won by a large margin too; he didn't just squeak in. Now people can't imply that it was a miscount of ballots or some other contrived manipulation that has ushered other presidents into office. There are still many racial divisions in the US, much more so than in Canada (although they do exist here as well) so for the people to elect Obama as president makes me proud. This could be the shift to a whole new level of acceptance for all people, how exciting we are here to witness this change. One small stone thrown into a pond causes a ripple, this ripple may cause a tsunami. May all our children regardless of their skin pigment benefit from this effect. Change happens slowly, but change is indeed happening. One baby step closer to being the civilized society that we pretend to be.

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