Saturday, November 22, 2008

People Who Do Make a Difference

This is a note from the creche (COTP - Children of the Promise) Christolla & Dieunelson lived for several years:

We are seeing worse and worse situations. We had a little boy abandoned at the local hospital severely malnourished. Last week they thought he would die, this week he has more hope. When he gets better he will come to live with us. We, Americans, are starting to get hit with "hard times" and this in turn is effecting the children and people all around the world, but in particular, Haiti. Our wallets are getting tighter and its getting harder to give, but this is a time we need to give more. I won't hide that we are out of funds to feed these children. We want to continue giving them the quality of care we have been and what we desire for these children. No orphanage is the best option for a child to grow up in, but we sure want to make it the best place for them to be in transition to their family, whether that is back to their biological families or adoptive. Please pray for the children of Haiti and please consider helping in any way you can.

These two ladies are amazing - one sister runs the rescue centre & the other is an RN - they do amazing things for the people; as well as work community projects rebuilding roads & planting trees to help the flooding & soil erosion problems. Go back & read their old posts they are making a difference in the lives of so many.

Heartline Ministries run several projects to help the people of Haiti.

One is their Womens Program, there they teach the women:

1. Prenatal Class
2. Early Childhood Development Class
3. Literacy Class
4. Sewing Class (help women create & then sell items to support their families)

They also run an orphanage

& recently started a Talapia Project a fish farming endeavor to feed the children in the orphanage & the women program.

The fellow also has a blog & is pretty humorous. You can find his blog on one of the tabs on their home site below.

There are many many NGO's working in Haiti trying to make a difference. These are just ordinary folks who couldn't turn their back to people in need & have been working tirelessly to help one person at a time. Not everyone could live in a third world country for years on end in difficult, dangerous regions but these folks have all been in Haiti saving lives for years. I just believe that for those of us that can't; we should at least financially support those that can & are.

Gloomy posts but this is reality & if everyone gave just a little it would make a huge difference & save many lives.

I have several more links of other reputable organizations that I will post another time.

Another news article:

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Malia'sMama said...

Our "hard times" are nothing at all compared to Haiti. And, when we do hit them, and severely, there's a little thing called social assitance that we are blessed to have for those who need it.
In Haiti, as you know, there is have and have not... and the have not, have not ANYTHING,period. I don't think North Americans who have not SEEN this for themselves will ever truly understand. Once you have, like you, silence is not an option, is it? Blessings.