Monday, November 24, 2008

On A Lighter Note

My butterfly & reindeer - they loved getting their faces painted.

I took lots of photos as a comprise to get them to wash their face to go to bed. :)

I thought at first he was an alien, but I should have known by the red nose who he was.

Kids with their friend Noah.

Dieunelson admiring Christolla's art.

Saturday was the Christmas Party for the IAFA - International Adoptive Families Association that we attended. The kids had lots of fun & it was nice to meet some of the other families of children adopted from all over.

I stayed home from work today sick - this is week number two of this illness. Last week all four kids were sick for four days & I managed to avoid getting ill. Friday I started to get a little sick which escalated all weekend. Everyone else is feeling better but still not 100%. Hopefully by the end of this week everyone will be back to normal.

It's 8:30 & the little kids are in bed & I am heading there too. Night.


Lisa said...

Is that Jen's son Noah?? I would love to meet him someday! Wish we could have been there!

Laurie said...

Yes Lisa that is Jen's little guy. He is a sweetie both my kids just adore him.

We missed seeing you there. :)

Salzwedel Family said...

The kids look adorable. What a fun time! I hope you are feeling better.

Jennifer said...

Your kids are so adorable!! We have so much in common....2 big kids, 2 little kids
(waiting on mine!) and both in our late 40's. I went way back in your blog; amazing how much your kids have grown!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow! I knew C looked familiar! I have followed COTP for several years now and remember her well!! And her baby brother! Wow!! I think I remember that they were not able to be adopted by Americans, is that correct?

Laurie said...

Hi Jennifer,

COTP did want a Canadian family for the kids so you are remembering correctly.

I remember the first baby photos I saw of Christolla too as I followed COTP's site long before I started this journey.

I verbally committed to them both when Dieunelson was 5 months old & got them home 3 months shy of his 3rd birthday.