Friday, February 29, 2008

We're Here......................

We are in Haiti at last! We were up at 3am & caught the 4am shuttle to the airport. The flight was delayed by half an hour & had to stop in Antigua for fuel so we were a little late. Our one bag showed up, the other is missing, apparently this happens all the time. We were told just to keep coming back every day & it will get here eventually. Oh well - we did get the most important bag with all our clothes etc but all the donations are awol & we are running out of diapers for D. Hopefully it will show up tomorrow.

The kids are AMAZING!!! They came to see us shortly after we arrived as C was still getting her hair done. The came in holding hands & looked a little afraid but came walking right up to me with those big sad eyes. You would all be so proud of me I didn't break down & bawl like a baby or anything. They let us pick them up & play with them right away so they were soon smiling & having fun. They are cute cute & very loving. They know I am momma & A is their sister. They are very very sweet.

We had a blast with all the kids here today. There are a bunch of sad cranky kids though as many now have chicken pox within the past couple of days. Some of the kids have them really bad & have scratched the pox till they bleed.

Today they were also doing some of the kids vaccines so there was some serious crying going on, hahaha & that was even as they were waiting for their turn. They knew a needle was coming so they were screaming while they waited in line.

The kids are all adorable & we spent a lot of time playing on the swings & hunting guava fruit with them. They are all so hungry for attention & cry for their turn to be held. They love my hair & if I sit down there are kids all over me wanted to touch it.

We have D & C in the volunteer house with us so they have adjusted pretty well to the change in their routine. I sat next to C & patted her back as she was refusing to lay down at nap time today but once I did that for a couple of minutes she was out.

They both eat like champs & just shovel the food down as fast as they can. I know they would eat more but they don't mess around when food is presented. I don't think they will be fussy about anything I try to feed them. D tried some of my dinner tonight & didn't balk at anything. They are still eating the food they serve all the kids & meal times & snack times are serious business around here. Unfortunately all our snacks for the kids are in the missing bag.

This evening both the kids cried when we put them to bed so A & I both layed down with them & we all crashed out. Kids are all up around 6am apparently so I will probably go back to bed once this is posted.

We are taking lots of photos & are loving on everyone's babies. They really are adorable.

I think our kids birth parents & siblings are coming by tomorrow to meet us. That will be really wonderful for the kids to have all those photos when they are older.

Weather here is perfect but everyone here says this is about as cool as it gets. I think it perfect just the way it is.

Gotta go two little ones are waiting in my bed for me.

Hugs, Laur

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Jen said...

YAY!! So glad you are there and that you finally have your babies in your arms...