Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Summer in Photo's # 4

Nelson's first climb of the day & first in Squamish, B.C. Different kind of rock climbing here, the rocks are flat & you crack climb.

Having a wee moment to compose himself.


They were naturals & went up no problem, it was coming down Nelson struggled with.

Almost at the top. Paul in the background putting up the ropes for their next climb.

Start of Christolla's first climb of the day.
Christolla did great.

Off she goes........

Going up the crack.

Swimming in the freezing cold water. None of them last very long.

Christolla & Paul.
Beautiful area!
Auntie Cher.
At the bottom of Shannon falls.

Paul & Ash admiring the scenery.

Beautiful Shannon Falls in Squamish, BC

Hiking out of the falls.

Cuddling Gizmo.
Start of another beautiful day on the West Coast.

Nelson said he was "FULL" & this is proof if you need to see it to believe it.

Swimming in the ocean.

Busy playing.

Christolla on the beach with the cruise ship in the harbor in the background.

Warming up after swimming. He cools down real quick & has to go warm in the sun frequently.

Christolla trying out her new pink mask, snorkel & fins.

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