Monday, September 6, 2010

First Day of School

Grade 1 - here she comes........................!!!!!

Ready to go.

Meeting her teacher Mme Alex for the first time.

Looking a little more nervous.

After school - a few tears, a tummy & headache - she even had a bit of a fever; but she still claimed she liked it. I think she just got herself worked up & made herself sick. She didn't eat any of her lunch either, which is unheard of.

Nelson first day of Kindergarten.

Nelson's 1st day of Kindergarten & Christolla's 2nd day of grade 1.

Walking to the school bus stop for the very first time. I think they were both a little nervous.

Gulp.......... they look so big.

First school bus ride - oh my, they were more excited about this ride than they were about school. :)

Lined up with the kids to go into school. Christolla is looking really tall this year - they grew a LOT over the summer.

Nelson in front of the "big kids school".

Checking out everything in the classroom.

Blowing off steam on the zip line after school.

Playing with his two new buddies!

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Stephanie said...

They are looking so grown up!