Wednesday, April 30, 2008

UGGG - I Hate Taxes

I know all of you that know me well will find it hard to believe that I left my taxes till the last minute haha, but I want you all to know I did file them just after midnight last night a full 23 1/2 hours before the deadline. I have to pay way too much so I am heart broken. I had cashed a bunch of RRSP's for the kids adoption fees & since they were not home in 2007 I got dinged badly, since I can't claim the kids as dependants or apply for the Adoption Tax credit either. I will get it next year but since next year my income is going to be diddly squat they probably won't be that useful then either. I know I can carry over for five years but I really needed the deductions this year. Oh well - they are home now & it is just money right? UGGG. But yippee taxes are done for another year. I did the big kids taxes too & they get money back - lucky ducks. Every year I say next year I will get them done sooner but it never seems to happen. Next year will be earlier just because it can't get too much later.

Took the kids to the library again & found they have a large ESL (English as a second language) Sesame Street DVD's collection. They do repeat concepts more but I find the regular Sesame Street DVD's more entertaining & fun. I guess I just like the characters better. That is one kids show that I used to love when my big kids were little & I still find it humorous. Some kids shows are so freaking irritating. I hate Big Comfy Couch but the littles love to watch that & then go to bed. They call it Molly after that irritating clowns little doll Molly. Another one that drives me batty is Four Square. Really targeting young young children but the kids love it. In the Night Garden is beyond comprehension & what is with the Wiggles - do those men not have any pride? I like borrowing the Sesame Street dvd's so I can avoid the crap on tv.

We had a great day today. No one had any major melt downs & on the sassy scale it was only about a 3 so that is looking up. Yesterday was not a good day so it is always nice to have a nice calm day after a storm. I have finally figured out that if the kids come out of their rooms after an hour afternoon nap I have to act quickly, turn them around & send them back to bed. C seems to need about an 1 1/2 hours & D at least 2 hours or else the rest of the day they are cranky & miserable. Surprisingly when I do send them back to bed they may cry for five minutes but they do go back to sleep. That is so much better than melt downs for the hours until bed time I would have to endure if they had stayed up. I may be slow but I am learning.

The last little while the weather has been so nice it is easy to keep the kids entertained. They love to be outside & ride their trikes, take the dogs for a walk, play at the park etc. When we are stuck inside all day is when we all get a little cranky. Warm weather = happy Momma & kids.

Wow tomorrow is May already - I can't believe two months on Parental Leave has already flown by. I am enjoying my time off & having the littles home I am now cooking only healthy foods. Everyone in the family is enjoying that & I am cooking every day now - at least twice I usually get away with ceral in the morning. How many years until the littles can fend for themselves? I used to love having days where I never bothered cooking supper & if the kids were hungry they would have to fend for themselves. The big difference now is I have the time to cook so that makes a huge difference.

Bedtime for me.

Hugs, Laurie

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