Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sick of Being Sick

Last Friday started out with a sore throat but other than that I didn't feel bad. Saturday I phoned the folks to see if we could come up to visit, but they had a bunch of snow so Dad said to wait a few days for the roads to improve. That same afternoon I came down with a killer cold that has knocked me on my bottom ever since. I have had fevers, sore throat, runny nose & absolutely no energy. That is when being a parent, especially a single parent is the hardest - when your sick. Today is the first day that I feel half human again but I still have a deep raspy voice & have a ways to go. So far I am the only one sick so I hope it stays that way.

Kids are having a nap right now but when they get up we are going to go outside & make the kids first snowman. We got about a foot of snow in a couple of hours time last night so the conditions are absolutely perfect. The snow is wet & sticky & just waiting to be played in. We had some running around to do this morning so we threw a couple of snowballs but that was it. It was so cute when C looked out the window this morning she yelled "this is crazy". I know what you mean kid.

Basement development is coming along. Drywallers were supposed to start today but have now put it off until tomorrow. But all the drywall is in the basement & it is ready to go. I will be so glad to have all the contractors out of here. My poor little ones think these people are part of our family as they have been here almost every day since the kids have been home. In fact D calls our contractor Papa (most men he calls that) but I think it freaks the poor guy out a bit. :)

The kids are awesome! They are so noisy now. No longer do they quietly sit in their car seats & look out the windows. Now D is constantly - Mommy look, Mommy truck, Mommy train, Mommy big truck & don't even get him started if he sees a motor cycle or a bicycle that just sends him over the top with excitement. C loves to point out everything along the way too & loves to let me know when we are on a bridge or going under a bridge or if there is a person / bicycle bridge. They absolutely absorb everything so fast it is amazing.

I often wondered as I waited for these two little ones to come home how it would feel to have them here. Would it feel like they were someone elses kids & I was babysitting? Would I have to fake my feelings until they were real? When would they start to feel like my kids? I am amazed that they are my kids, for real, in my heart, mind & soul. They don't feel like someone elses kids - they are all mine, the good & the bad. My family does feel complete & whole.

We are still having some power struggles & sassiness but for the most part they are a real joy. The sound of kids laughter & giggles absolutely warms my heart.

Uggg, I hear C whining she is waking from her nap so I will sign off for now but will try to post photos of our snow adventure later tonight.

Hugs, Laur

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Lisa said...

Laurie, I am SO HAPPY for you!!! D and C sound just so sweet!!! We MUST get together for a playdate when you are up for it. Not only would I love to actually meet you in person, I would love to see your precious kids again.