Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Can You Hear Me Screaming???

This is the news we have been waiting for - -

Both the kids got OUT of MOI today after being in there since August!!!!

I am so excited I am hyperventilating. Now panic mode is setting in. I have so much to do before they come home. How can I be in this process since November 2005 & still have things I must do to prepare for their arrival after waiting for over two years?

Unfortunately the kids medicals still need to be completed although the forms were submitted to the Embassy weeks ago. They are still waiting for the forms the Embassy will issue giving the O permission to have the medicals done. That should be done soon I hope.

So it is medicals, passports, visa's & home. Wow such a short list after all the hoops we have jumped through. Not sure what that will look like in real time but no matter how long we are definetely on the downslide. My Kids are Coming Home Soon. :)

Congratulations to my friend Lisa who is leaving for Ethiopia tomorrow to pick up her little angel. Safe travels for you & your family & a smooth transition.

Nadine I will be waiting for your email or call letting me know your are OUT too. Hopefully we can travel together.

So much to do - I must go & post my good news on my adoption groups.


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Salzwedel Family said...

Congratulations! Praying for patience & peace for you during this final wait. It won't be long now!