Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Procastination Continues.......

Oh my it has been over two months since I first set up my blog. My good intentions to document my thoughts & feelings hasn't been working so well for me. But today is a new day & a chance for a new start. :)

Congratulations to my friend M & family that just brought their sweet little daughter home from Haiti last week. I hope your little angel is settling in ok & I will give you a call later this week to touch base. I have taken your advice & started practicing my Creole.

I have to admit this whole process is starting to make me a little antsy. In November 2005 I committed my heart to my youngest two children. The baby was only five months old & his older sis was only 28 months. They are currently 2 1/2 years & 4 1/2 years. This is the third Christmas I am missing with my babies since I became their Mom in my heart. I am numb with shock that they aren't going to be home again this year. I can't believe that another year has gone by. I held off sending a Christmas package as I kept hoping for a miracle - but reality set in & I wanted my little ones to have something from their family so I finally had to get my rear in gear & wrap presents & get it off in the mail.

For those that know the Haitian adoption process here is our timeline so far:

November 2005 - Committed to adopting C & D
May 5, 2006 - Dossier arrived in Haiti
August 21, 2006 - Received official proposal
October 26, 2006 - In IBESR file #'s 14177 & 14178
May 17, 2007 - OUT of IBESR (almost 7 months)
June 6, 2007 - Out of Parquet
June 8, 2007 - Kids legally mine!
June 15, 2007 - Files enter 2nd legal
August 2007 - Enter MOI - file #'s 3498 & 3466

It seems we have hit all the bottle necks in the system as we go along but we are so close now. I am going to refrain from giving an estimated time line because I have not been accurate in any of my other predictions & as the dates come & go it just leaves me feeling disappointed. So no more predictions of when I think they will be home - lets all just hope it is sooner rather than later.

I will send this off & will try to see if I can figure out how to post some photos of my little sweeties.

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